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GeyserTimes is 5 Years Old Today

On April 15, 2011, GeyserTimes first went live.  It looked like this.

Since then, over 800,000 geyser eruption observations have been entered into the online database.  A lot of features have been added over time including connecting to Alan Glennon’s database, an Android App developed by Will Boekel that affords offline access to the data, and an application for archiving and viewing electronic temperature monitoring data.

Still, there are things I would like to do with GeyserTimes that I’ve been dreaming about since day 1.  Predictions can be improved as well as data analysis tools.

Of course, GeyserTimes wouldn’t be such a success were it not for the community of gazers dutifully entering information every time a geyser is observed erupting.  Geyser gazing had long been a “crowd-sourcing” effort (on paper) before the phrase had even been coined. GeyserTimes has just been the internet-based, real-time, <insert tech buzzword> continuation of those decades of geyser gazing.

I’ll leave you with some print-outs that I received from Ralph Taylor in September 2010.   I remember it quite clearly.  It was like Christmas morning for me when Ralph pulled up in his truck and gave me statistical evaluations of recent geyser activity (1 MB).  (It was during a period of false Beehive’s Indicator eruptions so it was very helpful!)  I couldn’t get enough of the stats and charts.  Geysers bring two things I love together: Yellowstone and statistics.   Ralph’s work continues to be an inspiration.  A few months after that Christmas in September, I started GeyserTimes.


Legal Status Update

Cease and Desist Letter

I am already on top of this, but I want GeyserTimes users to be aware that I have received a Cease & Desist letter from a law firm claiming to represent the National Park Service.  They are demanding that we immediately stop recording observations of eruptions from the Old Faithful webcam because they are copyrighted.  Crazy, I know, read the letter.

I’m shocked at this development and I have contacted a lawyer.  I plan to fight this action.  I will keep you updated on proceedings.  For now, PLEASE continue to enter observed eruptions in GeyserTimes.  I am apparently the only one implicated here and they can’t go after anyone else.


Jake Young

Winter Update

Hi everyone,

We have been a bit quiet lately as we have been hard at work getting some new stuff ready for release soon. Here is an update for what has been going on behind the scenes lately.


We currently have been focusing on finishing our system to manage all the uploading and updating to all the data logger data. This is partly in conjunction with working on the data for the GOSA research permit for the Sawmill group. Most of these improvements you will not see but this system has been in the works for about 3 years and we are excited that this will be completed with the next release. Also we have added a duration parser. This parser currently understands about 97% of all the eruption durations that have been entered in GT over time. This parser will take the text that you enter and will store that exact time value in the database and it will even keep track of the resolution of the duration (whether it was entered to the second or to the minute). This will allow us to easily make charts in future releases that will include duration. This is not the only new feature you will see. Our new team member Demetri has added a link on each eruption page that will take you to the next or previous primary eruption for that geyser. He is also working on adding a timeline view to the date summary page. In addition to that we are adding those wonderful tool tips that appear on the home page when you hover over an eruption to the date page and to related entries on the eruption detail screen.


Andriod App:

Tom has been hard at work updating layouts and fixing a few bugs. In the next app release notes will now be displayed inline with the eruptions just like it currently is done on the web platform. Also we think we finally have that bug where the date bar gets screwed up and you cant see the new day with out restarting the app finally squashed.  Some features that will not be included in this next release but are in the works include the ability to stream the webcam to any Chromecast enabled device. Also we are adding a way to download additional data to your phone so you can have the full history if you so like. Finally we are starting to work on a notification system that will be able to ping you if a prediction window has opened or a new eruption is posted.


iOS app:

Unfortunately right now we are back to having no one that is actively interested  or is able to make an iOS application.


Happy gazing!