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Android App Update (3.2.0)

Released and update to the Android app today. Things included are:

  • Ability to download additional data to your device
  • Option for automatic night mode activation (see note below)
  • Fixes an issue with the day summary not populating today’s date if the app is left running overnight
  • Added a “Recent Notes” tab on the Geyser Detail screen
  • Entrants names are now links to their user profiles in dialogs for attachments, comments, and flags
  • Notes now display inline with eruptions on the day summaries/timeline
  • Fixed an issue with the Grand Geyser eruption stats getting cut off
  • Added support to display the new standardized duration fields
  • Fixed a crash for when viewing an eruption or note
  • Improved display of user’s profiles
  • Added Chromecast support to the webcam viewer

Note: The app now requests to see your rough location. This is used only to improve the performance of the automatic night mode switching feature as it allows your phone to get sunrise and sunset times for your general area. Your location is never sent to our servers and is never stored in the app. Also the Bluetooth sync on this version of the app is not compatible with older versions. Users must have at least this latest version to use the Bluetooth sync feature.

Winter Plans

Now that the season is winding down the development team is staring to look into the projects to complete over the winter. Here is a short list for our various platforms that we are hoping to have done over the winter.


  • Whole new analysis page from scratch
  • Finish and polish off the data logger system
  • Night mode
  • Revamp of the secondary/primary entry system
  • Add auto updating functionality to more pages
  • General display enhancements

Android App

  • Alarms for prediction windows
  • Ability to use Chromecast to cast the webcam stream to a TV or other device.
  • Add functionality to download extra data onto the device

Apple iOS App

  • We may actually have a team forming to create the first iOS app but this is still uncertain.