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Web Update

We’ve been working on enhancements to GeyserTimes, mostly on the electronic data logger side of things, to help with collecting, analyzing and reporting on electronically monitored geysers. These include:

  • A new punchcard to show available data for data loggers.
  • Notes for data loggers
  • Additional admin data logger functions

I’m very excited that there have been two recent permits issued in Yellowstone to study geysers.  I’m proud that GeyserTimes has been identified as a way to help make such data available to the public.

In non-data logger improvements, GeyserTimes now shows flagged eruptions with a flag icon on both the home page and individual geyser pages.

Happy Gazing,


Web Update

We just put some new features on the site tonight!

  • Initial to initial stats
  • Search bar behavior fix
  • Fixed a timezone issue on the data logger charts
  • Fixed some problems with long usernames and their behavior in the header bar
  • Interval display – If two consecutive eruptions are entered in to the second resolution the interval will display seconds
  • Some fixes and additions to the data logger management system
  • Cleaned up some old files
  • Removed v3 of the API. Please use v4.

Prediction Service Down

Just a heads up. The main prediction server ( for GeyserTimes is currently down. The server crashed and Alan has to rebuild the server that provided the predictions. In the meantime we have been working on a new prediction engine that will be hosted on our own server to eventually replace the current server. The new system is not fully ready yet but we have released part of it so we will at least have predictions for Old Faithful. We hope to get the prediction server and/ or the GeyserTimes prediction engine fully operational in the near future.


Web Update

Fixed a bug on the sync adapter with the app that entries would not sync under a certain circumstance. Also added a rule to the duration parser so it will not parse any durations that contain a “/” until we get time to correctly handle those durations.

No Legal Challenge – April Fool’s!

Yesterday’s cease & desist letter was indeed not real.

The clues:

  • It was from the law firm of Reamer & Marler.  Robert Reamer was the architect of the Old Faithful Inn.  George Marler was a geologist in Yellowstone National Park who did a lot of studying of geysers.
  • The letter was signed by Stephen T. Mather who was the first superintendent of the National Park Service.
  • The federal act being violated was the Freedom of Observational Logging Standards (FoOLS) Act.

I do enjoy a good April Fool’s joke that seems semi-plausible and draws on current events and emotions.  The recent fight over copyrighted/trademarked names of historic locations in Yosemite National Park was an inspiration.

I honestly don’t know what the legal issues are surrounding the Old Faithful Webcam.  I CAN tell you the major legal contract that concerns GeyserTimes.  GeyserTimes uses a license called the Open Database License (ODbL) and I encourage you to read about it if you’ve ever contributed data to GeyserTimes.

ODbL Summary

Thanks!  It’s been fun!

Web Update

Released an update to the website today.

Things in this update include:

  • Behind the scenes complete overhaul of the management system for the data loggers
  • Standardized duration parsing
  • Data archives downloads
  • Adds back in a basic night mode
  • Disabled auto tilt on Google Maps
  • Added a link from the geyser page to the map page
  •  Enhancements to the retrieve page that should speed up queries.

Winter Plans

Now that the season is winding down the development team is staring to look into the projects to complete over the winter. Here is a short list for our various platforms that we are hoping to have done over the winter.


  • Whole new analysis page from scratch
  • Finish and polish off the data logger system
  • Night mode
  • Revamp of the secondary/primary entry system
  • Add auto updating functionality to more pages
  • General display enhancements

Android App

  • Alarms for prediction windows
  • Ability to use Chromecast to cast the webcam stream to a TV or other device.
  • Add functionality to download extra data onto the device

Apple iOS App

  • We may actually have a team forming to create the first iOS app but this is still uncertain.