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Geyser Times Bootstrap Release

Our “Bootstrap” update has finally arrived.  The highlights:

  •  Note structure changed to be based on datetimes rather than just a date, can be observations at a point in time or over a range of times
  • Notes are now easier to find–they are displayed in logbook view and on the geyser page
  • New search bar for geysers and historical dates makes it easier to find what you’re looking for
  • Home page logbook view now automatically refreshes
  • Data logger temperature charting and archived temperature files for download
  • Added a site tour for new visitors
  •  Ugly old prediction display replaced by pretty Gantt chart format
  • Entering mulitple day’s worth of eruptions is now easier: the multi-entry page has been revamped to handle multiple dates
  • Ability to store eruptions to the accuracy of seconds (rather than to the minute) (multi-entry only)***IMPORTANT***
    If you have the GT Android App, it must be updated to version 2.0.0 . The old version will cease to receive any new data or submit data.

In addition, for you researcher and programmer-types, V3 of the GT API has been made public. This allows programmatic access to the eruption and notes database. I will be improving the documentation and sending out more information over the winter.


GT’s first publicly-available API will be Version 3.  Version 1 didn’t last very long, Version 2 supports the Android app.  It’s very finicky and isn’t good enough to be public-facing.  So Version 3 it is!  I expect to release it by late September and it will be in improvement mode once we get a few users who will request different things of it.

Along with a robust API, a lot of behind-the-scenes code for GT will be changed for the better.  Unfortunately, it’s a lot of work that produces little visible results for the public.  It’ll make me feel a lot better about longevity and stability of the website though!  When I first started GT, I was learning a lot as I went along and php moved ahead to better technologies while I was still using the older.  It’s definitely time for an upgrade.