Monthly Archives: September 2014

Data Loggers and New Look and Feel

We have been working hard at polishing off and compiling all of the raw data for the electronic data logger interface. We are hoping to be able to have this part released very soon after a few finishing touches are completed.  Once released you will notice that the header and the normal layout of Geyser Times pages is not used… Well this is a preview into the new framework that we are migrating to. This new framework will allow us to present all of the geyser data in a much better and streamlined way than ever before. Our goal is to have the new look to be fully released by late April 2015.

Happy gazing!



GT’s first publicly-available API will be Version 3.  Version 1 didn’t last very long, Version 2 supports the Android app.  It’s very finicky and isn’t good enough to be public-facing.  So Version 3 it is!  I expect to release it by late September and it will be in improvement mode once we get a few users who will request different things of it.

Along with a robust API, a lot of behind-the-scenes code for GT will be changed for the better.  Unfortunately, it’s a lot of work that produces little visible results for the public.  It’ll make me feel a lot better about longevity and stability of the website though!  When I first started GT, I was learning a lot as I went along and php moved ahead to better technologies while I was still using the older.  It’s definitely time for an upgrade.


Predictions Are Coming

I’ve been working a lot lately on a public-facing API for the GeyserTimes database.  I’m really excited about giving easier programmatic access to the the data to allow individuals to make their own geyser predictions.  The NPS is also making strides to publicly release their predictions and eruption data (95% of which already seems to make it to GT anyway).

I’ve gotten a few emails from non-gazer people who are interested in analyzing geyser data and making predictions–it’s going to be very exciting.