Monthly Archives: March 2015

No network no problem

It has been awhile since one of us has posted about the new developments of GeyserTimes as we have been very busy working on some new features. I would like to take the time to announce one new feature that will be available for the android app this coming spring. This feature is the ability to sync data between devices over Bluetooth!  This will allow entries to hit the main server faster and allow you to keep your device more up to date when you are out of range from the internet. For example, lets say you have been at Fountain all day long and someone comes down from the UGB. Instead of asking them for all the times from the UGB you can just ask them if you can sync your phone. After syncing your phone your phone will now be as up to date as the friend that just came from the UGB and you can then scroll through all the times that you have missed while in the LGB.  This feature also works the other way! Lets say you have entered a tone of times from Norris or the LGB and you have no network connection. You can sync your device to any other device and they will now have your pending entries! Now when the first phone to connect to the internet will upload all of your data along with the data from the other device! This new feature will help people also that have a WiFi only device as thy can periodically find people to sync with through the day to sync their data up!

There are also a few other small things being worked on such as a way to view the sunrise and sunset times and a revamp to the user interface to bring it up to new technology.

Finally, I would like to extend a big welcome and thanks to Tom  Altstidl for joining our Android development team. Tom has already proven to be a big help on creating some new features on the app like the webcam viewer and is making the app's user interface look awesome!

–Will Boekel