Monthly Archives: September 2015

Web update

Yesterday we fixed a bug on the website that mainly made its appearance for mobile users that use the web interface. We fixed a bug where the tool tips on the home page would sometimes get stuck open if the page was accessed by hitting the back button in your browser or by navigating days. If you happen to still be seeing this issue please let us know.


New Analysis Page

Hi gazers,

The development team has been talking about what would be one part of the site that needs the biggest improvements. We have come to the consensus that we would like to totally redo the Analysis Page. There are many improvements that can be made to that page but before we get going we would like to hear some ideas from our users of how they would like to play with the data that is collected. This can include things from charts, tables, maps, animations and others. Just comment here on our blog.

Hope to hear some great ideas!


Version 3.1.2 released

Today we have released a new update for the Android app (v3.1.2). In this update we fixed the error that we found once F&M erupted…. Everyone only had one eruption stored on their phone and the geyser detail screen would crash because of that. Also we fixed a few small display bugs. One being that in night mode the results list for the search bar had a white background. Finally, we now have made it so when you get to the geyser select screen the keyboard is automatically activated reducing the number of clicks to enter data.

Now that we are starting to have some of our development team finishing their summer endeavors and are back in the real world we are going to try and keep this blog more up to date with our current development and notices about releases across all of our platforms.

Happy Gazing!

Will Boekel