Legal Status Update

Cease and Desist Letter

I am already on top of this, but I want GeyserTimes users to be aware that I have received a Cease & Desist letter from a law firm claiming to represent the National Park Service.  They are demanding that we immediately stop recording observations of eruptions from the Old Faithful webcam because they are copyrighted.  Crazy, I know, read the letter.

I’m shocked at this development and I have contacted a lawyer.  I plan to fight this action.  I will keep you updated on proceedings.  For now, PLEASE continue to enter observed eruptions in GeyserTimes.  I am apparently the only one implicated here and they can’t go after anyone else.


Jake Young

4 thoughts on “Legal Status Update

  1. I received an email from an NPS official stating that any video taken on the camera and therefore any information taken from that video is public domain. This is probably a scam.

  2. I am part owner of the Federal Government and I give you my permission to continue doing what you are doing with the information from the webcam. I thought you would like my permission, regardless of what the National Park Service does…..

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