No Legal Challenge – April Fool's!

Yesterday’s cease & desist letter was indeed not real.

The clues:

  • It was from the law firm of Reamer & Marler.  Robert Reamer was the architect of the Old Faithful Inn.  George Marler was a geologist in Yellowstone National Park who did a lot of studying of geysers.
  • The letter was signed by Stephen T. Mather who was the first superintendent of the National Park Service.
  • The federal act being violated was the Freedom of Observational Logging Standards (FoOLS) Act.

I do enjoy a good April Fool’s joke that seems semi-plausible and draws on current events and emotions.  The recent fight over copyrighted/trademarked names of historic locations in Yosemite National Park was an inspiration.

I honestly don’t know what the legal issues are surrounding the Old Faithful Webcam.  I CAN tell you the major legal contract that concerns GeyserTimes.  GeyserTimes uses a license called the Open Database License (ODbL) and I encourage you to read about it if you’ve ever contributed data to GeyserTimes.

ODbL Summary

Thanks!  It’s been fun!

2 thoughts on “No Legal Challenge – April Fool's!

  1. Excellent joke, well done! I caught the law firm and signature references, but completely overlooked the FoOLS organization, ha! Thanks to all of you who post observations, my son and I keep up with you from Colorado and its a daily (several times a day) conversation for us. We thoroughly enjoy it! And as part owner of the federal government, you have my permission to continue as well 🙂

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