Predictions Are Coming

I’ve been working a lot lately on a public-facing API for the GeyserTimes database.  I’m really excited about giving easier programmatic access to the the data to allow individuals to make their own geyser predictions.  The NPS is also making strides to publicly release their predictions and eruption data (95% of which already seems to make it to GT anyway).

I’ve gotten a few emails from non-gazer people who are interested in analyzing geyser data and making predictions–it’s going to be very exciting.



3 thoughts on “Predictions Are Coming

  1. Jake, first thank you for all the hard work and for inventing GT! What are the barriers for getting an Apple app developed?

    Would you be interested in writing up a how GT came to be, a little about the developement efforts, it’s capabilities, how many people are using it, the future plans. Just Some ideas, write what you wish. We would like to publish your description in the Sput.

    Looking forward to the next version(s)

    Tom and Genean

    1. Hi Tom and Genean,
      Yeah, sounds good. I’ll send you a write-up.

      An iOS specific app becomes more of a possibility to be made in the coming months with the release of a new API. That will give anyone the tools needed to interface with the database. I probably won’t be the one writing an iPhone app though…

      1. Great! Looking forward to the next release and cannot thank you enough for this exciting endeavor into recording and predicting geyser eruptions! An amazing tool for all who are excited by geyser eruptions.

        Your hard work is greatly appreciated.


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