New Analysis Page

Hi gazers,

The development team has been talking about what would be one part of the site that needs the biggest improvements. We have come to the consensus that we would like to totally redo the Analysis Page. There are many improvements that can be made to that page but before we get going we would like to hear some ideas from our users of how they would like to play with the data that is collected. This can include things from charts, tables, maps, animations and others. Just comment here on our blog.

Hope to hear some great ideas!


1 thought on “New Analysis Page

  1. Here are a few of the ideas that the development team has come up with.
    standard deviations
    mean, median, max, min intervals
    mean, median, max, min durations
    ability to set an interval cap
    plot multiple geysers
    pull up a group of geysers
    plot duration v interval
    filters for only E times, in basin, etc….. (actually filters galore! if it can be a filter do it)
    plot moving averages
    plot intervals over time
    compare to data sets (ex: grand spring 2015 v grand spring 2014)
    ability to save/share (linkable URL) search results

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